filfilfil affiche
Hors les murs

Tali Serruya,  Sabrina Fernandez Casas et Patricio Gil Flood (MACACO Press), Thomas Philippon

Led by Tali Serruya, the artistic team of the filfilfil project has developed a series of creative participative proposals based on their conversations with people who live and work in the Palettes area of Lancy. The aim is to knit new relations between artistic expression, residents and the urban space.  

For a year the team offered artistic activities amongst which were ‘awareness walks’ aimed at transforming the way we pass through places, listening to and observing what surrounds us. There were workshops for chocolate making or the construction of unusual toys.  Unexpected posters in public places prompted reflection and there was a space for dialogue and connection between generations and cultures with a monthly rendezvous ‘On en parle au kebab’.

Thus filfilfil tried to give the opportunity to different local forces to find their medium of expression, to construct their perceptions and apply critical thinking and, through the multiplication of experiences, to help the emergence of a different way of living in, and occupying the urban space and doing so together.

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