Lorna Bornand, Gaëlle Chotard, Muriel Décaillet, Pascale Favre & Thomas Schunke, Iris Hutegger, Claudia Losi, Claire Morgan, Lionel Sabatté

Stretched, embroidered, crocheted, woven, wound, twisted, threaded.  These terms structure the artistic language which in turn creates installation, abstract painting, drawing, volume or performance.  It confers shape when it is of wool, or cord, or is in colour.  It gleams if it is metal, transparent if nylon and uneasily fragile if it is hair.  Through its materiality, thread constructs and deconstructs shapes and images, obscures what is real, emphasises relief and patrols space. Plunging their roots into the immemorial, threads speak to us here of landscape and the human form, of life and death, ecology and travel, of memory and of suspended dreams, femininity, activism and community engagement.  The last will be illustrated by a video which documents the collective work "Legarsi alla montagna" by Maria Lai.

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