Affiche Confort cellulose
Confort cellulose

Virginie Delannoy, Noémie Doge, Viktor Korol et Genêt Mayor

Four artists whose medium is drawing have taken over rooms in the Villa.  Viktor Korol’s works are the outcome of a profusion of instinctive and rudimentary movements.  Elsewhere, the walls are covered in what appear to be precise geometrical forms and landscapes which Noémie Doge restores in a hypnotic kaleidoscope of broken, superimposed perspectives.  The space becomes image and vice versa.  Virginie Delannoy reveals the internal structure of a box and a piece of furniture as a plethora of projected faces of uncertain perspective.  Contours and volumes cohabit in Genêt Mayor’s drawing-objects which delve into a varied repertoire of shapes which he deforms and reconstructs with humour.  In a world which links the abstract with the figurative, the spontaneous with the considered and the organic with the everyday, the theme of the conversation reveals itself behind a suspicion of the improbable.

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Noémie Doge, Galaxy 7x50, 2016, détail
Genêt Mayor, Maintenant, 2013, détail
Viktor Korol, Untitled, 2017, détail